Every distressful emotion can manifest in form of a bodily disease

We’ve all suffered diseases and have taken traditional medical therapy. Yet there is no exact answer for what makes humans fall sick? Some blame it on lifestyle, others on food and yet others think environmental factors are to blame. All the causes are somewhat conjectures, with no guarantee that a particular reason is a culprit. One may keep pondering on the cause, yet there is only a puddle of confusion with no certain factor. This post attempts to correlate and map a certain disease to their nearest corresponding mental and emotional health issues. As they say, every disease that exists in the body, was once an unresolved emotion in our mind. The longevity of emotional distress manifested into a disease.


The objective here is not to replace, undermine, or supersede medical science, which is the most advanced and tested discourse. Yet what’s the harm if this unique and fresh perspective also supplements healing? Louis Hay, a reputed author and personal growth trainer precisely attempted this in her book ‘Heal your Body’ in 1976. Along similar lines, another approach was introduced by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, who names it the German New Medicine and analyses the emotional causes of diseases.

Digestion issues: Your gut knows when you’re anxious

Our gut is the second brain and it is directly connected to our brain through a thick network of nerves called the vagus nerve. Whatever happens in our thoughts directly impacts our tummy and vice versa through these complex nerve connections. When we are unhappy, worried or angry, the muscles inside of our body tend to contract and that’s precisely what happens to muscles inside the gut as well. With contracted muscles, the movement of food is restricted, which gets stuck mid-way in the digestive tract. This congestion causes constipation. In some people, anxiety may trigger the release of certain stress chemicals in the body that disrupt the gut flora and cause diarrhoea. With this, always be watchful of your anxiety, stress and anger to healing your tummy. A distressed mental state can make your digestion inefficient and might have nothing to do with your diet or lifestyle. Interestingly, till today we barf bags on planes because fear or anxiety on flights has the potential to trigger vomiting in some people.

Lower back pains: Your back knows when it's unsupported

It has often been researched in metaphysics that back pains and especially lower back pains are associated with a lack of functional and financial support in our lives. These could be money issues, relationship issues or any of your fears in relationships that are surfacing and disrupting your thoughts. The lower back is that area of your body, which is the fundamental seat providing support to a major part of your body mass. When there are emotional disruptions like lack of financial support or lack of support in your relationships and life in general, the emotional conflict metaphysically manifests as lower back pain. If you look closely at your finances or resolve a lack of support in relationships the pain would eventually subside. 

Weak vision: Your eyes know when you’re trying to unsee something

We get spectacles because of three reasons — myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. Myopia is shortsightedness, wherein we are unable to see far away objects. Taken into metaphysical theory, it occurs when there is something in future that we do not want to see or come to terms with. When we are unable to avoid a possible future occurrence, or we are fearful of being present to the impact of that occurrence, our mind begins to weaken our vision to enable us to unsee what lies far ahead.  In presbyopia, there is an inability to be in terms with something near in our life, and that causes our vision to go faint on objects near our eyes. Lastly, astigmatism, which is the blurry vision at all distances, is caused because of our powerlessness to accept ourselves or our inability to accept how we are at any point in time. 

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